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Thank you to our Partners, Donors and Sponsors.

The Rex Yankey Otoo (REYO) Foundation has the vision to develop individual talents in a supporting and nurturing environment where they can develop and achieve their maximum potential. Our sensory and specialist environment cannot be found anywhere else in Ghana.

Today REYO Paddock School Ghana provides 25 children with special needs a safe environment to grow and learn. Additionally, the REYO Paddock School Ghana and the REYO Foundation impact hundreds of other special needs children through community outreach, mainstream school education sessions, and home packages.

Despite the profound impact REYO Paddock School Ghana and the REYO Foundation is having on the lives of many children with special needs in Ghana, neither receive any ongoing funding.

The founders have funded most of the projects themselves, which includes giving away their dream home for the School.

As a result, whether you are an individual or an organization, we need your support!

REYO Paddock School Ghana needs your help in order to ensure that we can continue to enable special needs children in Ghana to reach the fullest of their potential. We invite individuals, non-profits organizations, educational institutions, businesses, and corporations (regardless of location) to contribute to the REYO Paddock School Ghana and make a difference in the lives of children with special needs.

Monetary Donations

All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. Even a small monetary donation goes a long way to support the running of our school. For example, £20 (120GH Cedis) a month provides for the school’s drinking water.

A list of funding needs have been established so that donors can choose how their donation will be allocated.

1. Basic Needs Fund: This fund is dedicated to keeping REYO Paddock School Ghana operational. Donations to this fund will be used for water, electricity, fuel, and general supplies.

2. Scholarship Fund / Sponsor a Child: This fund will provide children in the surrounding community with assistance in the payment of school fees. This will allow all children, regardless of income level, to have access to quality and individualized special education. Donations to this fund will be used for school fees and other necessary school supplies (e.g. pencils, book bags, books, etc) for area children.

3. Outreach Fund: This fund will allow us to continue to go out into the community to create awareness and educate individuals on special needs. This is especially important as children with special needs are often seen as a curse and stigmatized in Ghana. Additionally, this will allow us to reach out to mainstream schools and offer trainings regarding how to enable special needs students attending mainstream schools to be more successful.

4. Specialist Fund: This fund will cover the costs associated with hosting specialists, such as therapists and special education teachers, from around the world. Having such individuals volunteer with us is invaluable, as it provides our students and the community at large to excellent quality interventions. Additionally, having these specialists in our school allows for extra training for all of our staff members, allowing the impact of the specialists’ stay to have a long term impact.

5. Shipping Fund: This fund will allow for the generous donations we have received abroad to be shipped to us in Ghana. It is crucial need, as special education resources are basically nonexistent in Ghana.

To make a donation, please contact us. If you so desire, you may specify one of the above funds to indicate how you would like your donation to be used.

Donations of Supplies

The REYO Paddock School Ghana also accepts donations of new and gently used supplies. Examples of needed supplies include wheelchairs, books, school supplies, games, and toys.

There are three methods in which sponsors can donate supplies.

1. Donations may be shipped to the school’s director in the UK. The donations will be then shipped to Ghana by cargo, freight or any alternative way.

2. Have supplies shipped directly to REYO Paddock School Ghana. Please note though that international shipping can be expensive and there are a variety of shipping restrictions.

Additionally, if you are in Accra, please feel free to drop by with the donations. We always welcome visitors to come see our school and meet our very special children!

To donate supplies, please contact the school before shipping anything. This will allow us to ensure that your donation is appropriate, considering the ages and needs of our children. Additionally, if you so desire, once you contact the school we will be able to provide you with the right address to donate your supplies depending on your location.


REYO Paddock School Ghana welcomes skilled volunteers from all over the world. We are always particularly interested in having speech therapists, clinical psychologists, creative art therapists, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and special educationists work with our children.

However, we would be willing to consider any volunteer with relevant experience and/or education. Volunteers of REYO Paddock School Ghana will have the opportunity to work at the our school, engage in community outreach, visit tourist sites, and experience Ghanaian life through home stay placements. Additionally, three meals a day and purified water are provided to our volunteers.

Any way you can support.

You can support us in any other way or link us to individuals or organizations that can help.


New Project Sponsorship

The staff, students, and parents of REYO Paddock School Ghana have a strong vision for the future of the school. Donors looking to have a larger impact can choose to sponsor a phase of a new project or the entire project from start to finish. Donors supporting a project will be recognized through the placement of a plaque on the completed project.


Computers and equipment for use in classrooms and staff / School Bus. REYO Paddock School Ghana needs a variety of equipment including computers to run our IT department and for our student’s use. Most computer equipment we use were donated 8 years ago and most have broken down or are out of date. The school is in dire need of a School bus to be able to transport our students to sports facilities, trip and engage in community learning.

New building project. REYO Paddock School currently in need to expand the school and build a purposely built special needs provision for our increasing number of children who need to access our multi therapy and specialist education. A life skills department is urgently needed to create the space for our older students to learn life skills for their future. Please Donate towards this project


We also dream of one day for our children to access play structures which will include swings, slides, and climbing equipment for our active children to get their energy out. Please Donate towards this project