About Us

Reyo Paddock School

Reyo Paddock School, Ghana - is an Autism and Special Needs School with an integrated Therapy Centre for Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavior and Other therapies.

The School was set up by the Rex Yankey Otoo (REYO) Foundation, Ghana in partnership with Paddock School, in the United Kingdom. We are proud to have a UK partner school with a Team of specialist teachers and therapists who have many years of experience in teaching and developing special needs children.

Our unique and rare partnership has made it possible for children with autism and other forms of special needs attending REYO Paddock School in Ghana, receive the support of a complete team of Specialist Teachers and Multi Therapists from UK and abroad. A great opportunity that cannot be found in any single school in Ghana and we are privileged to have this extended support in Africa.